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The Process of Precious Stones Jewelry Cutting Every jewelry is cut and polished from gemstones and these gemstones are the minerals that is found only in nature and the ability to be able to polish and cut jewelry is as good as an art as well as a skill. When these things are processed, they have to be taken and handled accordingly because even the slightest of mistake will lead to breaking the precious stones and when these are damaged, so does the price when placed available in the market. There will be a number of techniques that will be used when cutting or polishing gems and some of these include sawing, grinding, polishing, tumbling, drilling, lapping and sanding. There will also be a lot of forms that we can come up, depending on how the techniques that we have just mentioned are used but generally speaking, they will range from inlays, mosaics, cameos and intaglios, beads and spheres, cabochons, and faceted stones.
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Usually, the first process when forming precious stones jewelry is to have the stones cut according to the desired form through the process called faceting and this will be done with the use of a machine where the stone’s facet is grind to be polished and cut. Usually, the machine that will be used utilizes the right set of tools and you should be able to find a grinding plate that is called a lap and protractors to hold the stones from moving when it will be cut and processed. The person who will be using the machine is called the faceter and as the use of the machine implies, they will most likely be working on cutting and polishing the precious stones before they will be sent to the next part of the process.
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Basically speaking, the precious stones that are sent from mines will be cleaned and then sent in to be processed and this will then be where the selection starts and depending on the stones shape, color, clarity, and facet will be how the stones will be cut and polished to avoid possibilities of cracks and damages. When the stones have rough edges, they will be grinded so that it will fit into the machine perfectly when they are placed in the protractors to be held firmly. The soonest that the cutting is done, polishing will soon to follow and it is also very important that the faceter will be really careful when polishing and grinding the precious stones because exposing it too much will result to cracking or damaging the stone and even if you can still sell it at a cheap price, there will be no possible way for you to have it repaired.