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T-Shirt Printing Styles If you want to show yourself as someone fashionable and unique, one way is to wear custom printed t-shirt. And this is why the popularity of custom printed t-shirt is seen and more people have become interested in it. The fashion world is not counting printed t-shirts in because of their styles which have a wide variety from cute things to statement pieces, and others. There are several ways by which t-shirt printing can be customized and some of these are screen printing, 3D printing, and others. The most popular and the cheapest method of printing t-shirts is through screen printing. The basic materials that you need in screen printing includes a mesh screen, fabric ink, a squeegee, and your cotton t-shirt. The first step is to coat the screen with the design with a special material and expose it to light so that it will harden. The image gets embedded in the screen when this hardened material is removed. Then with the screen on top of the t-shirt fabric ink is then applied on it. Then with a squeegee, the ink is pressed towards the shirt from the design. When the ink hardens, the screen is removed and the t-shirt will bear the outline of the image or the design. This method is beneficial in a sense that the mesh screen can be used again for other shirts and the single design can be used repeatedly. The disadvantage of this method is that it take quite a while to finish the process because it has to be done one t-shirt at a time. Another method of printing is through heat transfer. This method is quite popular because it is very easy to transfer a design to a t-shirt when heat is applied to it. You can find many businesses printing using the heat transfer method, and since it is easy to use, you can also do it at home. Applying heat to the backside of a design onto a t -shirt is basically what heat transfer is all about, which can be done using a regular flat iron. To transfer the design to the t-shirt it just take applying the heat onto the design several time and it will stick to the shirt. Although the heat method is a good one because it is fast, easy to use, and cheap, the downside is that the design will not be good for a long time. After a long time, designs crack and the design is destroyed.
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The newest among the methods is digital printing. With digital printing, the design is printed directly on the shirt. This type of printing gives a very clear image of the design because of its color separation features. The reason for the long lasting and realistic looking design is that the fabric absorbs the color when it is printed on the shirt. Digital printing is very popular these days yet is not done by many because it makes use of expensive machines. But if you are opening a t-shirt printing business then this machine will make for a good investment.5 Uses For Prints