Getting in Shape and Eating Healthy Shouldn’t Feel Like Punishment

Many people feel the need to get in shape and eat better. However, this often leads to unrealistic expectations, and too much change. Changing one’s entire way of life is difficult. It’s overwhelming, and uncomfortable. This is why so often people fail in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. Does this mean you’re destined to fail each and every time? No, it doesn’t. It just means that you have to be smart, and realistic. Read on for helpful hints, and tips, and then head over to, for even more advice.

Make small changes over time

For those who find it difficult to switch over to a healthier lifestyle, make slow changes. Give up soft drinks, and drink water instead. After a week, two weeks, or even a month of this, change another habit. Give up candy, for example.

Find new ways to make favorite dishes healthier. Don’t give up pizza if it’s a favorite food, just make it healthier. Add more vegetable toppings, cut down on carbohydrates by making a cauliflower pizza crust. It’s delicious and you won’t even miss the traditional crust. Instead of lasagna noodles use slices of eggplant in the lasagna, grilled mushrooms make wonderful burger buns. Get in the habit of coming up with new ways to make every dish a bit better for you.

Exercise can be fun

There’s no rule that says exercise has to be unpleasant. For those who love spending hours in the gym, keep up the good work. For those who absolutely hate the idea of going to the gym, don’t go. Put together a softball team and play each weekend. Play basketball, go hiking with friends, or ride a bike. There are plenty of fun ways to get exercise.

Stop centering celebrations around food

Reward a job well done with a family bowling night, instead of a big dinner at a restaurant. Family football games can take the place of large family dinners. Focus on something other than food.

Remember, it’s possible to get healthy, and to get in better shape without feeling miserable. Make it fun, and you’re more likely to stick with it, and succeed.