Condo Locations Near the Ocean

For months I thought that I was going to rent another apartment when my current lease expired, and I had been looking around at different places. But I have changed my mind, and I think that instead of going that route, I will try to buy a condo instead. It seems like a much better use of my money to be sure. What I want to look at are seaside residences condo that are currently for sale. I do not want to buy a used condo, or one that has been lived in before. I know that would stand to save me a good bit of money, but there is just something about that turns me off.

I guess just the idea of buying a condo that has been lived in before does not sit well with me. But what makes it even stranger, is that I don’t think that I would feel the same way if it were a house that I was purchasing. Not sure why that is, but I guess it doesn’t even really matter. I want to find as many listings of condos as I can for ones that are in my price range. I feel like I should try to get the largest amount of choices to look at as possible.

But I am going to be kind of picky about the condo I end up purchasing, in that I am going to insist that it is by the ocean. I really have wanted to live by the ocean for most of my life, and I have had a few apartments that were close, but living near to the ocean on a permanent basis would really be great. I really like to surf, and I spend a lot of my time just relaxing on the beach.