Finally, Some Real New Reporting About the White House

Would you trust your great-grandmother to recommend your next smartphone? You might if she was a tech insider involved in the development of the technology. However, if she was more Luddite about electronics, you probably would not value her opinion on your next phone. This also applies to political news. Everyone has an opinion about politics, but this is also where facts can break down. To get a more balanced report of what our president is up to, I go to the Trump News feed website. I can filter my article sources from many news agencies, but I do not. What I do is look through all the articles and read as much as I can about the same topic over and over again.

I am surprised every time with the subtle and even glaring differences in reporting the same news event as it comes from two different journalists or news agencies. If I filter according to just the AP for my first read, I can also then pick out who is just writing based on other journalist gathering of the facts. (more…)